About Elena

El'ena Rose gets her inspiration from her father who had sang professional with RCA Victor with the Big Bands in the 1940's and that gave her a yeaning passion for music. Her father gave her the encouragement to pursue her talent.

El'ena Rose was born and raised in Brooklyn NY learning how to survive city life. El'ena enjoyed the summers spent with friends at Brighton Beach and the nights at Coney Island watching the colorful lights that lilted up at night from the rides. She prefers to live a much quieter life in Bergenfield NJ were she is inspired to write more of her music and songs.

El'ena Rose the talented performer, singer/songwriter from Bergenfield, New Jersey has receive an Award from “The Starliners Indie”, for Destiny of Dreams and “Whatever”.

This gave her an opportunity to have DJ's play her songs live on Radio Stations and Exclusive Interviews with European market and also exclusive interviews with Region Radio station.

El'ena Rose has performed live/Network Monthly at “The Bowery Poetry Club” Plug-in Show Case with DJ Big Cal from WGBB 1240AM, DJ Tammy from 91.1 FM And DJ Chuck Chill-Out 98 Kiss FM. “Whatever and “Going Cry No More”, Where her Fans comes monthly just to see her bring out her best performance ever.